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How to Access the Service Portal


The first thing you will want to do is locate the Service Portal login area and select “Request an Account."

Next you will be prompted to enter a user name, email address, and password for your new Service Portal account.

*Important* The email address you select should be one that you know is associated with either your company or one of your locations. This email address will be the link between the field service management software we use and the info that will be displayed in your portal account.

*Note* Please contact the office if you do not know what email addresses are on your account. 

Once all the fields are filled out click “Request Access." The email address you have chosen will then be sent an email verifying that you have requested access to the portal and you will be sent another email when your portal is available.

Navigating the Portal

Once you've gained access to the portal you will be given 3 options for data: 

  1. Service Overview – a searchable list of Today's Jobs, Upcoming Jobs, and Past Jobs (completed in the last 90 days) 

  2. Locations and Assets – a searchable list of Assets and Locations 

  3. Deficiencies and Quotes – a searchable list of Deficiencies and Quotes that are filtered by Location and Service Line

Requesting Service

Optionally, you will have the ability to Request Service for Locations, Assets, and Deficiencies in your Service Portal. Once you have selected one of the 3 options a blue “Request Service" icon will appear. Click that and fill out the Service Request for you business. This is a quick and easy way to alert us to your business' service needs. (Of course, I would rather talk to everyone so feel free to call!)

Approving Quotes

The Service Portal also gives you the ability to approve or request changes to open Quotes that have been submitted to your business.